Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1

CLOSED 2020 Junior Learn to Sweep Row Class/Camp 7/6-7/10 $125

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Learn to row with our Junior team (12 years old to 18 years old, grades 6th-12th) in an 8 person sweep rowing shell (this is where you have one 13 foot oar and you are either a port or a starboard).

The class/camp starts with a mandatory lake/safety/technique training at our Sand Lake Facility on Monday, 7/6/20, from 1:15 - 5:00 PM ***More details will follow on manditory training, we ususally do this at the Dimond High School Pool but because of cv-19 that is not possable.*** 

Following the lake training, this class will meet for a weeklong Junior camp, from Monday, 7/7/20, to Friday, 7/10/20, meeting daily from 3:00 - 5:00PM at our Sand Lake facility.

Directions are on our website. Dress warm and in layers because May and early June can be warm or cold on the water. Your pants/shorts need to be non-baggy and stretchable to give you the ability to bend your knees completely. We launch our shells off a dock so you will not need to get in the water but keep in mind it is a WATER sport so getting wet is an inevitability. 100% cotton is generally not recommended.

There will be a parent informational meeting at the beginning of the lake session please make time to attend this has valuable information you will need. 

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