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May 28, 2020
06:30 pm - 08:00 pm


pm late Master's

Currently rowing with social distancing.

All members welcome if seats are open at a practice that is traditionally masters or juniors or novice.

Launching 2 boats per 10 minute interval after the start of practice to meet MOA guidelines.

In the “comments” section, please include:
Time you want to row (ex. :30, :40, :50, :00 etc) MAX 2 boats per 10-min interval.

Boat preference by boat type, name, weight range, or experience level. Boat preferences will try to be met but are not guaranteed.

Example: Suzie Rower – “2X with Nancy Rower, Halcro, 5:10pm launch"



Kim Morris
1x, Teal Tornado, 6:30
Terry Carpenter
6:30 with Marty in double, or single/Teal/vanDaff
Israel Halcomb
640. 1x midweight
Ansley Morris
1x, stable boat like the raven (which the only single I've rowed before)
Marty Freeman