Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1


April 27, 2019
01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

special event

Shell Pen Move in

Location: Sand Lake
We need YOU to help move in!
CALLING ALL MEMBERS! We will unload the boats and all equipment from the trailers and rig as many as possible.
Many hand make light work - please plan to attend.

Volunteer hours: 3.00


Joan Wilson
Brenna Hughes
Israel Halcomb
Terry Carpenter
Euan-Angus MacLeod
Elisa Samuelson
Jessica Willis
Alan Peabody
Ryan Stimson
Shannon Powers
Deb Walker
Yvette Gillies
Marietta (Ed) Hall
George Bryson
Wendy Lyford
Reese Cochran
Emma Leonard
Rick Benedetti