Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1


June 6, 2020
07:00 am - 08:45 am

special event

Refresher Sculling Course

Coach Steve will take ONLY 5 rowers each Saturday!

This will be a skills development and refresher course. This is for anyone who has had some training in a single or sculling and wants to get a better grip on their oar handles. (pun intended). It will not be a learn to scull or a Rodeo.

Anyone who has any apprehension of getting on the water or feels that they are not skilled enough then this is a great opportunity. Sculling increases efficiency in sweep boats so it's a win win.
This will be casual, close to the dock, light and fun. I will demo drills and movements, and you will mimic, repeat, learn, ask questions, and do it again. The goal is to get you on the water as much as possible

We will review at a socially acceptable distance. Any demos on water will also be socially distanced apart.

I will take ONLY 5 rowers each Saturday!


Shannon Powers
Chad Fullmer
Marty Freeman
Holly Spoth-Torres