Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1

CLOSED ***ONLY for THE 2019 DAVE Participants***$25

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 Follow up your Dave experience with further classes.  The focus will be on improving technique and may be at a calmer pace than your Dave experience.  This class will run simultaneously with the Adult Novice Sweep class. Coaches may pull students into novice adult boats as skills develop.  Class meets M/W evenings, 6-8PM at our Sand Lake facility.  Directions are here:

Dress warm and in layers because August can be warm or cold on the water.  Your pants/shorts need to be non-baggy and stretchable to give you the ability to bend your knees completely.  We launch our shells off a dock so you will not need to get in the water, but keep in mind it is a WATER sport so getting wet is an inevitability.  100% cotton is generally not recommended.

Class Full