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July 22, 2021
06:00 pm - 08:00 pm

special event

MNR Boat Load

Moose Nugget Regatta Boat Loading for Saturday's Races!

Early rowers can get a quick informal row 5-6 and then ALL HANDS for boat loading



Robby Bear
Janeece Higgins
Carma Reed
George Bryson
Jennifer Crosby
Ursula McVeigh
Caitlynn freswick
Jasmine Langmann
Spencer Carpenter
Jackie Hill
Shelly Andresen
Cade McGinley
Drake McGinley
Kevin Hall
Marietta (Ed) Hall
Ed, John, and Aidan with the trailers
John Clark
Kim Morris
Michelle Bittner
Elisa Samuelson
Emily Hanscam
Erica Duke
Colleen Kane
Mike Chriss
Grace Bolt
Nicholas Bittner
Anne Blount
Janet Curran
Vanessa Norman
Durelle Smith
Deborah Kornblut
Ella Weiss
Simon Mitchell
Mason Miller