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MNR Food Volunteer Sign Up

ARA members are requested to bring breakfast and dessert items for both days of the MNR - you can sign up here for both days - just indicate which day you will bring items. When you sign up, please let us know what you plan to bring (example: Saturday jar of peanut butter and 12 bagels; Sunday two dozen cookies) Note: this will result in 1 volunteer hour :-)

Volunteer hours: 1.00



Piper Jones
Breakfast: No flip Omlette
Deb Walker
Volunteer for where you need me
Julie Truskowski
something with rhubarb
Shelly Andresen
Sat. 5 doz. cookies/brownies
Robby Bear
A dozen bagels, jar of peanut butter, dozen bananas
Jessica Willis
Dessert Sat!
Sara Kross
Sunday Breakfast: biscuits & gravy
Emily MacRae
Emily MacRae - Saturday Fruit, Sunday Cookies
Kevin Hall
Saturday - cut fruit.
Cameron Barrows
Bodey Siepert
Bodey Siepert
Robin Phillips
Saturday, bbq pulled pork & rolls = dessert for the carnivorous rowers. Maybe Sunday too?
Katie Peichel
Saturday 2 dozen muffins Sunday 2 dozen muffins
2 dozen Muffins
kathy faryniarz
I will deliver breakfast burritos for 14 to the shell for pm
Elisa Samuelson
Yvette Gillies
yummy fruit breakfast bars for Sat and Sun. 36 to a box for each day
Kim Morris
Egg cups, cinnamon bread
Ansley Morris
Chocolate banana muffins
Terry Carpenter
Israel Halcomb
Half and half for coffee and tangerines both days