Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1


July 24, 2021
09:00 am - 05:00 pm

special event

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Moose Nugget Regatta

You've missed the deadline: Coaches Approval is Required & Late Fee Applies

Masters, Novice, and Juniors - the Moose Nugget Regatta, will be held on Saturday, July 24 at Wasilla Lake. This year’s regatta will be back to basics – one day, start and finish buoys only, and BYO food and water.

To sign up click on "This is a paid event..." below and pay your $20 entry fee & $25 late entry fee. Members who sign up after deadline should discuss boating options directly with the coach.

More info about the regatta, including the draft event order, will be on the Moose Nugget webpage.

All ARA members THAT ARE RACING plan to be at the Wasilla course Saturday, July 24th by 9am to unload and rig.

ARA members should arrive at 9:00 am for rigging. All-hands meeting (all rowers, not just bows/coxes) is 10:30 am course opens for practice at 11:00, first race starts 12:00, last race will probably be 4:00 but the final race schedule depends on signups.

*****All need to stay at the venue until boats are derigged & loaded on the trailer and follow behind the trailer to unload boats at the shell pen in Anchorage.

All participants sign up on the team calendar for MNR Trailer Loading Thursday, July 22!


Caitlynn Freswick
Robby Bear
Colleen Kane
Vanessa Norman
Janeece Higgins
Michelle Bittner
Nicholas Bittner
Kim Morris
Carma Reed
Marietta (Ed) Hall
Aidan Clark
John Clark
Mason Miller
George Bryson
Erica Duke
Jack Bent
Lucca Duke
Jennifer Crosby
Ursula McVeigh
Kestrel Wigglesworth
Aiko Brandon
Elisa Samuelson
Emily Erickson
Thomas Erickson
Melody Rowe
Janet Curran
Anne Blount
Camille Ruhlin-Hicks
Simon Mitchell
Jasmine Langmann
Spencer Carpenter
Jessie Hardison
Cameron Lindsay
Finn Hittson
Sara Kross
Kevin Hall
Jackie Hill
Jayne Fortson
Shelly Andresen
Drake McGinley
Cade McGinley
Ella Weiss
Mike Chriss
Durelle Smith
Deborah Kornblut
Emily Hanscam
Jessica Taft
Carmen slack
Dominiq Clark
Laurie Derrick