Anchorage Rowing Association
Year 1


May 7, 2021
05:30 pm - 07:00 pm

special event

Shell Pen Move In!

We need you to help move in!
We need 8 people for Friday 5/7/21
(ALL MEMBERS for Saturday 5/8/21)
Those of you who sign up for Friday - meet at the Kincaid Chalet at 5:30 pm and walk down to the bunker (unless the gate is open). The bunker is at the bottom of the dirt road that begins just to the south of the chalet and heads northward down the hill.

Volunteer hours: 1.50


Kevin Hall
kathy faryniarz
Bruce Havelock
Marcia Davis
Robby Bear
Jessica Willis
Grace Bolt
John Clark
Janet Curran
Dan Brokaw
Maureen Clark